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Mr Stillo is President & Co-Founder of Prodex, a pioneering produce distributor in Ontario, delivering produce everyday for 43 years. Mr Stillo has solely sold $250 million in produce. Starting Prodex in 1967 with one employee (formerly Joyce Fruits) Mr Stillo today has assembled an exceptional management team, reaching $10 million in annual sales. Previously Mr Stillo was Operations Manager at CARA, overseeing 250 employees at Pearson International Airport. Mr Stillo sits on numerous advisory boards, is known for his warm smile and exemplary work ethics in the produce industry.
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Business Admin.

Ms Di Meglio is the Business Administrator at Prodex and has over 20 years experience in assisting the President in financials, accounting and legislative requirements. On a daily basis Ms Di Meglio supervisors purchasing, payroll and maintains accounts payable. She also works with clients to create financing and builds communication between the customer and the Prodex management team, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction every time. Ms Di Meglio is fluent in English and Italian.
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VP Operations

Mr Nick Stillo is the Vice President of Operations and has 15 years experience in produce management. With a passion for produce & management, Mr Stillo was instrumental in transforming a 20000 square foot distribution centre into a HACCP certified facility.  Also implemented traceability program for shipped and received produce. Mr Stillo oversees the operations of fleet management, quality control, order management and produce rotation. Working tirelessly he also ensures every customers get highest quality & ontime deliveries everytime. Mr Stillo is fluent in English and Italian.
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 Sales Manager





Warehouse Manager

Mr Aviles is the Warehouse Floor Manager at Prodex.  Mr Aviles coordinates and plans the storage and distribution of produce at the Prodex Distribution Centre.  Mr Aviles also supervises the activities of employees, engages in shipping, receiving, storing and rotation of both fresh products as well as production supplies for our Pre-Cut Division.  Mr Aviles also assists the production team for safety development, along with implementing security and safety programs as outlined in our HACCP program.  Mr Aviles is very pleasant and courteous and possesses a great deal of patience when working under pressure.  He is a perfectionist and completes all tasks with care and precision.  Mr Aviles is fluent in English and Spanish.