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Mission Statement

To sell innovative produce
with efficient distribution

Prodex has been in business since July 10th, 1967.  Since the very first order was picked and shipped, we have built a reputation for being a quality supplier, with competitive prices, and unparalleled service.  We have done this by keeping produce as our core competency, along with introducing innovation in everything that we do, coupled with efficiency in our distribution methods.




Vision Statement

Deliver quality produce and value,
on time everyday

We believe that if we stay true to our vision statement, we will fulfill the customer’s definition of value by exceeding their expectations, while providing an environment which all team mates share in the responsibility of our success.





The Prodex Culture is a ethos practiced by all staff. 

The Prodex culture is S.P.I.R.I.T.

ERVE - Here to assist and help customers.

ROFESSIONAL - Skilled & experts in produce.

NSTANT - Driven to respond quickly. 

ESPECT - Courteous communication.

NNOVATE - Inspired to reinvent produce.

EAM - United and moving forward.